Thursday, June 28, 2018

Grant Writing Tips

Image: Man writingGrants help fund a nonprofits’ mission but are mistakenly thought of as a guaranteed source of revenue. However, obtaining a grant can be a very tricky venture. Grant writers must enact multiple skills when putting a grant letter together to be sure it is efficient and effective. Professional Fundraisers can help nonprofits with development.

Before you apply for a grant, make sure you perform your due diligence on funders. Fine-tune your search so you are not wasting time asking for grants that will never be approved by the foundation or any other grant provider.

We suggest you take advantage of ‘Foundation Search,’ however, multiple software vendors exist that are reliable and fair. Government grant search is free. Excitingly, if you have a rather small nonprofit, the public library offers access to foundation software free of charge. Begin searching for foundations locally before you expand to statewide or national funders. Make sure you are using the correct keywords when doing your support search, i.e. ‘drug addiction’ will turn up more providers for a drug recovery center than ‘addiction.’

It is essential to follow the funders’ guidelines when applying for a grant. These guidelines will tell you if your organization needs to include additional information like audited financial reports, DVD’s, nonprofit brochures, or charity references. They will often ask that you mail the necessary grant paperwork in a particular order. The foundation employee who is reviewing your request will be much more inclined to add your request to the ‘A’ list if you follow directions thoroughly.

We suggest beginning your quest for a grant by sending a one-page letter to local funders that support your cause. When researching, seek out funders that do not require an audited financial statement. In your request, ask for a specific amount such as $5000 with two drops to $2500, and $1000. Make sure you define what each gift will provide, i.e., $5000 provides xxx amount of meals for the homeless, $2500 provides xxx, and $1000 provides xxx.

Good luck!

This article is not legal advice.

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