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Students are awesome nonprofit volunteers

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Student Nonprofit Volunteers

Recruiting students to volunteer their time and effort at a nonprofit can often feel overwhelming. You need young people who have good work ethics, are responsible and can follow instructions. The only issue is you don’t have a budget to hire them as part-time employees.

The volunteers need to relate to your cause, see potential in the organization, and be willing to donate their time. We know they’re out there but what are the best ways to find them? Following are a few ideas on ways to significantly stretch the number of students that may volunteer their time.

High schools and colleges

Students have much energy, and many want to volunteer their time to a charity in need of volunteers. The problem is many students work part-time jobs while attending school and overloaded with too many classes. Still, quite a few will find the time to support a cause they believe in and appreciate.

·         Students are an excellent source for volunteering if they believe in your organization.
·         Many volunteers will convince their friends to join them because it’s fun to work as a team. 
·         Lots of high school students are planning on adding their volunteer activities to their college applications.
·         Many clubs on college campus require completed service hours in set timeframes.
·         Some volunteer because they want related work experience.
·         Fraternities and sororities are prominent volunteers at nonprofits. Find the ones that could relate to your mission.
·         Get in touch with campus’s student government departments. Ask how your nonprofit could find student groups that have a similar interest and may be willing to volunteer.
A.      Board of Student Organizations
B.      Student Activities Board
C.      Student Communications Department
·         Create a volunteer page for your website. Make sure you post action photos of those who participate.
·         Use your social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to recruit. Pictures are an excellent way to aid your charity online with storytelling posts. Also remember that the student doesn’t have to be local if you have projects that can be mailed to your organization and they have the skills to complete them.
·         Contact school newspapers and college radio stations; ask if they can help.
·         Contact local high schools and speak with student government responsible for service projects.

Good luck! Please comment if you have any new ideas that work for your organization.

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